The 10 travel essentials you need to pack!

The 10 travel essentials you need to pack!

The 10 travel essentials you need to pack!

When going on holiday are you a throw it in the suitcase and hope for the best kinda girl? Or someone who needs a detailed checklist to work from?

This 10 travel essentials list should reassure you that you have everything you need!

1. Selfie Stick

To capture those special moments!

2. Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

If you are going to be exploring, it's always good to have a hand sanitizer or wipes to hand. Think how many other tourists will be touching the same things as you.. you don't want to come back home with a cold after all!

3. Lip Balms

I got 99 problems but chapped lips ain't one!

4. Travel Adaptor

Put your hands up if you've been caught out before by not having a travel adaptor!! Me me me.

Check here to see which type you need, as every country is different

5. Water Bottle

It's important to stay hydrated, it's really easy to forget to drink plenty of water when you are sightseeing or down by the pool.

If you need some encouragement to drink plenty, I'd recommend getting your own love island style water bottle from getting personal:

6. Dead Sea Salt Soap

This soap is ideal for revitalising and nourishing tired and dehydrated skin. With a real salt crust (perfect for sloughing any dead skin) and Eucalyptus essential oil, this soap has the power to resurrect!

7. Bum bag

I love how bum bags have come back in fashion! They are trendy and the ideal size for carrying your essentials whilst exploring or partying!

Check out this Bumbag from Skinnydip London which we are crushing over:

8. Pink Himalayan Body Scrub

Exfoliating is key to building an even, long lasting tan so Body Scrubs really are your best friend. Make sure you exfoliate at least three days before you go on holiday and twice during!

We have used Sweet Almond Oil as a base which means after exfoliating, the oil creates a barrier on the skin to ensure moisture is not lost, leaving you with a gloriously silky skin and feeling sweetly scented!

9. Speakers for tunes, preferably portable

10. Toucan Tango Blaster

Deep in the tropics, this exotic winged wonder shows off his moves! Paired with Mandarin & Sweet Orange essential oils, you can strut your funky stuff all the way to the bathtub!