Self-Care Activities We Should All Be Doing

Self-Care Activities We Should All Be Doing

Self-Care Activities We Should All Be Doing

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself? It’s hard to find the time to take proper care of yourself and to break old routines, we’re all busy right? School, university, jobs etc. It’s difficult.

We all start January with good intentions - promising ourselves that we’ll sign up to the gym, put our phones away in the evening and go for long walks on the weekend instead of watching Netflix. But reality is you’re still skipping meals or forgetting to take off your makeup before bed because you’re too tired.

If you don’t find the time for self-care, it won’t be long until you’re exhausted and caught in a mental fog where it’s hard to care about anything.

So, what self-care activities should you be including in your weekly routine? Below you’ll find our suggestions, but we think everyone should make their own list of activities which makes them feel fulfilled. I know a lot of people might put “go for a run” but this isn’t always emotionally fulfilling for everyone. So feel free to create your own list & share ‘em with us.


Cuddle up with a book – get your snug on! Grab that comfy blanket and curl up to a good book! Whether you’re after a rom-com or emotional read, it’s a great for allowing yourself to be taken on an adventure and escaping the stress of everyday life. Bomb Cosmetics recommendation: The Bees


If you are feeling productive then sorting out your garden! Planting some flowers, cutting the grass… just think about the amount of jobs you could get done and the satisfaction of completing it all - it's also really therapeutic


Although cooking may be seen as a chore, it can be a rewarding form of self-care when you're able to cook for enjoyment rather than necessity. Did you know your sense of sight is engaged by the colour and shape of the ingredients and your sense of smell by the aroma of cooking. So, find a fun recipe, perhaps some cute shaped chocolate cookies? And enjoy!

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Now this one is our speciality! Run a warm bath and hold your chosen Bubble-Doh under the water and watch as bubbles are produced, and then sit back and relax into a bath of pure essential oils. Go the extra mile and add our one of our soothing Blaster's, such as Bomb-jamin Button or Night Owl, for the perfect night’s sleep!

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This activity is weather depending, but c'mon a little rain never hurt anyone! You could bring along your dog or ask a friend, or just have a little alone time. If the weather is nice (very rare in the UK) then make sure you take full advantage of that vitamin D, take in that fresh air and lovely smelling flowers! 


Making yoga apart of your weekly routine can be used as inspiration for a variety of mindful rituals. Instead of reaching for your phone first thing on a Saturday morning, why not begin your day slowly with a prayer or meditation practice. Starting your day with a few moments of peace and calm can change the way you approach your day and your general attitude. 

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Doing A Crafting Hobby

I don't know about you, but knitting and scrapbooking have made a real comeback! Bullet journaling is now also a popular activity as it helps to minimise anxiety and stress. Many people find crafts relaxing, fun and stimulating at the same time. It'll feel good to find a new way to unwind.