Relaxing Remedies for Those in Recovery

Relaxing Remedies for Those in Recovery

Relaxing Remedies for Those in Recovery

Hey bomb babes! Alice here from Black Tulip Beauty, long-term Bomb Cosmetics lover and general bath and self-care enthusiast. I’ve just had some pretty big surgery and am in that part of recovery where I want to do everything but my body is just saying “not yet, please slow down". So if I MUST relax, this calls for some SERIOUS pampering! I thought that it’d be a great idea to share some of my perfect picks with you guys that have been enhancing my progress! I’ve chosen things that I think would be fabulous for anyone in a recovery phase of their life. Physical, mental or even if you’re just recovering from a hard day at work or horrendous hangover (sometimes you just need a hug and a big old bath, right?!). If you’re wanting to treat yourself or a friend in need, here is what I’d recommend…

Lavender Musk & Blue Daisy Candle

In my opinion, lavender is absolutely perfect for a lazy day. It’s up there with the most relaxing scents and is known for its uplifting as well as soothing properties. If you’re into stronger and slightly smoky lavender scents then Lavender Musk is the one for you. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle and that's floral as well as fresh, then go for Blue Daisy! With a burn time of over 30 hours and a scent throw to die for, they’re perfect to burn for a few hours every day.

Bloomin' Bluebells Gift Pack

The Bloomin’ Bluebells gift pack is designed around the idea of relaxation. Everything from the gorgeous purple colour scheme to the lavender and violet scents and there’s even a blaster containing biodegradable glitter to lift your spirits on a down day.

Meadow Fresh Bath Powder

Any of the bath products Bomb offers would be wonderful but I’ve personally gone for this one due to the purifying sea salt and sweet almond oil ingredients. It’s perfect for detoxing and moisturising the skin and smells absolutely incredible. For me, the scent exudes a zesty floral vibe and the powder is a light pink shade making it look super cute.

Raspberry Beret Body Butter

Something people generally forget about day to day, is taking care of the skin on their body. So it’s only natural that it’s not a priority when going through a tough time. Although it’s not 100% necessary to be applying products every day, it is important to provide your skin with some much needed extra moisture regularly. What makes it even more fun is when that extra moisture smells this yummy! After all the calming and relaxing scents, I think you also need something awakening like this. A fruity frenzy of berries with creamy and sweet hints to it and a bit of glitter for good measure.

French Kiss Clay Mask

Last but not least, we all know stress or any sort of trauma to the body can cause skin break-outs. As annoying as it is, it’s actually a good thing as it’s the bodies way of releasing toxins. A face mask is a perfect choice as it’s a targeted treatment to get all the nasties out on a weekly basis. The French Kiss mask contains kaolin, is deeply cleansing as well as nourishing and will leave the skin feeling smooth and revived. There you have it, my top picks for those in recovery. Speak to you all soon for a feature on some advent bits! BTB Xx