Ideas for a Spooky Quarantine Halloween!

Ideas for a Spooky Quarantine Halloween!

Ideas for a Spooky Quarantine Halloween!

While you may have to restructure your Halloween plans this year, you can still create a fun-filled day with lots of spooky treats.

While Halloween normally consists of covering your face with gypsy shrine jewels, fake blood and going out with friends, this year we are all having to readjust. With the different tiers across the country due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Halloween will understandably be a bit different this year. Aside from eating lots of sweets and still dressing up, there are still plenty of ways to make Saturday 31st October one to remember. We just need to brainstorm creative quarantine Halloween Ideas!

We’ve put together an ideal socially distanced Halloween, full of home actives, yummy halloween foods and movie suggestions. We think this year it is more important than ever to do something for Halloween and to have some form of fun! 2020 may be a write off, but you can still make special days like these count.

Make a spooky snack
Let’s kickstart the halloween festivities with some food! Since you might not be able to do traditional Halloween activities like dressing up with friends or trick-or-treating, you can channel more of your energy into creating a stunning spread of spooky snacks!

Try something creative like witch cupcakes or black cat cookies! It’s the perfect chance to get creative with your baking.

A few little treats which have caught our eye over on Jane's Patisserie's website! Click here to check em' out

(Photo Credit: Jane Patisserie)

Stir Up a Spooky Cocktail

Fetch the dry ice and grab the tequila - time to make some on theme drinks! Plus if you have little ones then a Halloween mocktail is sure to excite!

Put on a Halloween playlist

No matter how small your Halloween party is (definitely no more than 6!) it won’t be complete without some festive tunes. Blast your favourites and have a dance, forget you’re in a lounge and pretend your in that bar you and your friends planned on visiting!

Nothing beats the age-old classic “The Monster Mash,” along with more modern interpretations like “She Wolf”.

Halloween playlist we’re listening to here at Bomb HQ - Halloween Party 2020


A little bit of Halloween decorating can go a long way - especially if you’ve got kids or younger siblings. For example, waking up to some ghost emoji balloons! Or spiders dangling from the ceiling!

Carve Jack-O’-Lanterns

Now this one is a given! Whether you’re aiming for a classic jack-o’-lantern face or a more original design, pumpkin carving is the perfect activity and also means you can make pumpkin soup for dinner!

After all of these Halloween activities run yourself a hot bath!

Grab your Halloween must-haves and enjoy a spooky soak! Our personal favourites this year include Out for the Count Blaster, Wild Cherry Piped Candle and Ruby Vegas Soap! All following a passionate red blood theme - ideal!

Movie time!

End the day by settling down with a movie! Anything from family friendly classics such as Hocus Pocus to horror flicks Halloween and Silence of the Lambs. Swap your popcorn for the delicious snacks you made earlier and let the movie marathon begin!