National ‘I want you to be happy’ day

National ‘I want you to be happy’ day

National ‘I want you to be happy’ day

Hey lovelies, it’s Meg from here! With ‘I want you to be happy’ day just around the corner, I was asked by Bomb Cosmetics to share some of my favourite ways I like to put a smile on someone’s face. (Because lets be honest we could all do with a little ‘pick me up’ this time of year)


Run them a bath:

I’m guessing that since you’re reading the Bomb Cosmetic’s blog, you’re a bath lover or have someone special in your life that is, so this is a great place to start. I really enjoy running my partner a bath (almost as much as I enjoy one myself!) I like him to experience my favourite bath products and just how much relaxation and contentment a simple bubble bath can bring! If you’re feeling extra nice, I highly recommend throwing in a ‘Morning Sunshine bath blaster’ to add a little added sunshine into their relaxation session. 

Fresh flowers:

I’m a strong believer that fresh flowers can instantly brighten a room and bring a happier vibe to a home. I love giving and receiving flowers. Why not pick up a bunch of Daffodils for a special person in your life. Not only are they a happy, beautiful flower, they are also really affordable. Sure to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Flat white, please!

Let’s be honest, sometimes work feels like a bit of a drag, especially in the winter months when it’s cold and dark outside and you have to drag yourself out of your warm, snug bed in the morning. Now imagine how much better you’d feel getting into work to find your Starbucks order sitting on your desk ready for you. I don’t know about you, but that would definitely put a smile on my face! (Co-workers, if you’re reading this hint hint) So, next time you’re grabbing a coffee for yourself, why not pick one up for a colleague too!

Just a note to say:

I recently gave my big sister the ‘You are my Sunshine’ Bomb Cosmetic’s greeting card. She’s a very busy working mum of two, whom like most parents don’t get much time for some well-earned TLC. I wrote in the card that when she fancies it, she could use the bath bomb whilst I babysit. I can tell you for a fact this suggestion works, because the biggest smile formed across her face! The new greeting cards are the perfect way to scribble someone a note and brighten someone’s day. 

Let me know over on Twitter or Instagram if you try any of these suggestions and how they go! (Coffeewithmegxo) Remember, it’s the small, everyday gestures that mean the most. If you see someone struggling with their shopping bags, lend them a hand. If you have some spare change, why not offer to buy a homeless person a hot drink to warm them up. Let’s spread good vibes, and make people smile! Love, Meg