How We Keep Our Planet Rockin'!

How We Keep Our Planet Rockin'!

How We Keep Our Planet Rockin'!

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Our Planet Rocks. Like, 10/10, highly recommended, 5* rating stylie. Our impact on the environment is something that is taken in to consideration throughout every stage of our product development, and is a company ethic we strive to consistently adhere to. 

The Bomb Promise

Our Packaging

As a part of our Bomb Promise, we use (wherever possible) recycled materials for our packaging, and recycle as much as we can in house.

The cardboard that is used as packaging for our Gift Packs and all outer shipping cartons is made from a minimum of 70% recycled cardboard. The egg trays used for our Bath Melts are 100% post consumer recycled card. We shred our waste cardboard that would otherwise be disposed of to be used as packaging fillers when packing orders for our retailers. The majority of you who order our bath time treats from our Mail Order department will be familiar with our multi-coloured packing peanuts which are made from starch and 100% compost-able. These also disintegrate in water if you fancied having a slightly different addition to your tub…

Despite our Blasters, Mallows, Cocoa Swirls and Brulees being individually wrapped, we still keep this as eco-friendly as possible. Not only is the film we use recyclable (and food safe), we are also using 20% less than we were a year ago due to changing over to a new, stronger, thinner grade.

We are also registered under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007. Swish.

Our Ingredients

Although we only use a very limited amount of glitter each year, 2015 saw us make a stance against the impact our products could potentially have on our oceans and sea life friends. With some gentle encouragement from you, our gorgey customers, we decided to remove all PET glitters from our bathtub treats. Our new shimmering glitters are produced from biodegradable ingredients which are derived from sustainable sources (plant cellulose). As with all of our ingredients, no animal testing has been involved in the production of our products and they also do not contain any genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.

We operate a Fixed Cut Off Date in line with BUAV guidelines of 31st December, 1995.

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go  

Our Waste

[ezcol_1half] To ensure we are creating as little waste as possible, we try to re-use and recycle as much product as we can. Unlike some companies, our products are not only mixed entirely by hand, we also only mix the quantity of ingredients that can be pressed within a certain time-scale. When mixing large quantities of product in one hit, more often than not the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl can harden and go dry, resulting in some very cracked Blasters and Melts. They still do the job they’re supposed to do, they’re just not quite as pretty. Cause y’know we allll about the pretty! Speaking of pretty, soaps are one of our favourite products to produce as we have so much fun creating the different shapes and colours that go on each one. It’s 2016, yo, who has a plain bar of soap these days?! All of the leftover soap we have from shaping is melted down to ensure once again that no product goes to waste. You may have also seen a selection of Gift Packs that we hand craft, including our infamous Bath Rocks (Blasters), Butter Chunks (Melts) and Soap Chunks (er, Soaps) Gift Packs. Our products are all made with our own loving hands and 99% of the time look very hubba hubba, switswooo! [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]   Planet Rocks Soap Table[/ezcol_1half_end] Sometimes on the odd occasion when we’re not producing A* quality goods that only look OK and not WOW THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, I NEED TO PUT THIS ON MY MANTELPIECE BECAUSE MMM YEAH ALTERNATIVE HOME DECOR SKILLS ON FLEEK!, we ditch these as whole products, chop them up and use them in these Gift Packs. We find the Chunks and Rocks to be the perfect ‘Try Me!’ sizes, so you can mix and match different scents and find a new favourite!

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