Blissful Rest

Blissful Rest

You know that saying 'you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone'? We feel this way about sleep. When we're busy sleeping like a baby, we don't really give it a second thought. It's when we have a hard time getting to sleep/staying asleep that we really pay it some attention. We're not specialised sleep pros, but from personal experiences we're pretty clued up on different things you can do to help get you out of hibernation, and back in to a healthy sleep routine.


Create a calming atmosphere

Doesn't every thing just seem better with a few candles lit around you, fresh bedding and some relaxing music playing in the background. We recommend removing any artificial lights from your room such as those from your laptop, phone etc. and definitely get any thing work/school related removed from your bedroom. Out of sight out of mind is best when you need a good nights kip!

get your diet in shape

We get told almost daily how important it is to have a healthy balanced diet, and we couldn't agree more. Your diet can have a major impact on your general and mental health - both important to ensure you're able to drift away in to a Blissful Rest. As well as this, we also recommend limiting your caffeine intake after lunch, avoid heavy meals before bed, and alcohol is also a big no-no in the evenings.

give yourself a bedtime routine

Just because you're an adult now doesn't mean you don't need a daily bedtime routine. Having a routine in place helps to trigger our brain in to realising it's time for sleep - just the same as it does for an infant. We like to start our routine off with a warm bath and use one of our Stress Less Bath Creamers; a super moisturising little ball of goodness which also helps to reduce stress. (See our Mid-Week Pamper Routine for more tips). Once we get out of the bath, we like to pop on some fresh pyjamas, dim the lights and catch up on a good book. Once in bed, we like to take 10 minutes to meditate and concentrate on our breathing. This is basically our new favourite thing to do, plus there's so many different apps and websites you can visit these days to teach you how to do this.

reflect on your day

Sometimes we like to do this as soon as we get home from work just to get everything out of our minds, but this can also be done as a part of your bedtime routine. We love the One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book as an easy way to keep track of our thoughts and feelings day to day. Also if we have any stresses or worries in your life, we find it really beneficial to get these out of our heads and written down on paper. If you have any other tips on how to get a good nights sleep, let us know in the comments below!