Affordable ways to say I love you!

Affordable ways to say I love you!

Affordable ways to say I love you!

Open up your heart and write a poem:

Roses are red, violets are blue - I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as YOU! Say I love you without breaking the bank because all you need is a pen, paper and a touch of imagination! This is the perfect chance to tell your significant other how you really feel about them. Although, now is probably not the time to mention you hate their snoring.. Top tip: not all poems have to rhyme!

Light a candle or two!

Relight the passion in your relationship and create a sensual atmosphere with our ‘Love Rocks’ tinned candle! These Ylang Ylang and Geranium Pure essential oils will transport you to lovers paradise! You can find all of our candle safety information here.

Wine not?

There's nothing quite like sharing a bottle of wine with your other half! The question is red or white?

Draw a picture of your partner!

If none of the above tickle your pickle, then perhaps try drawing your partner? Release your inner Van Gogh! Whether you want to take it seriously or not, the end results will be something to cherish!

Run a hot bath:

Mmm, nothing beats coming home to a hot bath! After a long, hard day at work all you want to do is come home and chillax. So get the water running and buy your partner some of their favourite Bomb goodies! If you really fancy pushing the boat out, why not try one of our Valentine's newbies? I'd 100% recommend You're one Fine-apple or Glazy for You. They'll love you forever!

Forget a spa day! 

Spa days can be expensive and not to mention, occasionally a let down. You often walk away wondering if you could of given yourself a better massage! So have no fear, because our Massage Bars are here! With loads of different scents to choose from, we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Plus, nothing brings a couple together like a good ol' foot rub hey.